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AZUB TI-FLY 20" First Impressions

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

2022 AZUB Ti-Fly 20" / EP8 / Rohloff
2022 AZUB Ti-Fly 20" / EP8 / Rohloff / 1,200 Miles

...---===>>> DRAFT <<<===---...

Below is a draft outline and composition of the article I am writing. I do this as an open process as it helps motivate me to complete the article. Please feel free to comment or ask questions at any time. I really enjoy and appreciate feedback and dialogue. Cheers!

Last year I put 10K miles on a Catrike Dumont equipped with an E-Cat Bosch 'Active Line' drive and a Rohloff hub. Although the Catrike exceeded my expectations, I found myself pushing the limits of the Dumont.

2020 Catrike Dumont / Bosch / Rohloff
2020 Catrike Dumont / Bosch / Rohloff / 13,000 miles

I spent most of those miles doing a lot of climbing (over 560,000 feet in elevation) and city commuting. I had aspirations to also ride on gravel service roads, however a couple attempts on the Dumont showed that the trike was not quite up to the task.

I had the following in mind when selecting the AZUB TI-FLY 20"

  • Need more robust suspension

  • Wanting more power

  • Lower maintenance

I purchased a stock AZUB with fenders as the only accessory. I did have a T-Cycle Chain Tensioner installed until I found the correct seating position.

Below are my first impressions. I will be posting additional reviews on the AZUB as well as a comparison article and video comparing the Catrike Dumont with the AZUB Ti-Fly.

First Impressions

Wrong seat position💺and a sleepy battery🔋

My first ride and impression were not positive. Although the x-seam was correct, I felt like I was sliding off the seat. The steering was shockingly light and the handling seemed off putting. Most of this coming from the trike setup being considerably different than what I have been riding for the last 2 years on my Catrike Dumont.

Shortly after getting the trike home the battery went into a 'deep sleep' mode that took a week to identify and resolve. Not a great start. :(

Making adjustments

Fortunately AZUB's "Ideal Position System" (IPS) is the real deal. I ended up modeling the seat position and angle to come close to my Catrike Dumont. This immediately made a huge difference. By sliding the seat forward and tiling the seat back, I was able to eliminate almost all of the discomfort and awkwardness from my first ride.

Sliding the seat forward raises/lowers seat height and affects seat angle/pitch with the relation to pedals. These changes also shift the center of mass and affects the handling significantly. I highly advise trying different configurations to dial-in to what feels right for you.

AZUB's Ideal Position System (IPS)
AZUB's Ideal Position System (IPS)

With these seat adjustments I was able to closely replicate the relative position that I had for the last 13K miles on my Dumont. Although I am now in a comfortable position, I am still not...relaxed. ☹️ This inability to relax certain muscles causes my lower back/hip to ache during my ride. Stopping and stretching my hamstrings helps considerably to the point it will disappear for a while. However It always comes back. Sometimes to the point where it is effecting my eagerness to ride.

I equate most of these issues with how long I have been riding the same trike every day for the last 2 years. So I took this week to really focus on what I am experiencing and trying to identify the cause. Here is a summary of what I believe the issues to be and how I plan to address them.

Seat Angle

My first ride home from the bike dealer had the seat angle very upright. This made it feel like I was at a baseball game sitting on a flat bleacher.

The solution is to simply recline the seat. I prefer a reclined position anyway so this works.

Seat Length

The Dumont seat is 3" longer than the Ti-Fly (measured seatback to front edge of seat bottom). I suspect this is where my preference for a longer seat arises from. Not a big detractor. Just noticeable.

Seat Padding

At the time of purchase, AZUB was offering only a mesh seat with an optional pad. I purchased the pad and only used it once. It increased the sense of sliding off the seat and did not provide the subtle support that I feel is needed for me. Additional padding particularly on the side and seat would be helpful.

That being said. The seat performs great. Especially on bumpy roads and when I am delivering a lot of power. It just gets out of the way and is super comfortable. Its' just not supportive in a way that allows certain muscles to relax. Hence the mixed review. This seat is likely perfect for others and certain use cases.

Just after receiving the Ti-Fly, AZUB started offering a new seat option: The Dream Seat.

I believe this will significantly address the support and padding needed for me. I have contacted AZUB on purchasing one. I will post a review once received.

...---===>>> DRAFT <<<===---...

This is a draft outline and composition of the article I am writing. I do this as an open process as it helps motivate me to complete the article. Please feel free to comment or ask questions at any time. I really enjoy and appreciate feedback and dialogue. Cheers!

Pedals / Shoes👟

On the Catrike Dumont I started out with SPD pedals that I had used on my road bike. They are an excellent choice to keep your foot locked on the pedals and can be quite relaxing at stops. However I found that I needed more foot movement and positions on the pedal to keep my knees from aching. I switched to Power Grips. They provided more foot movement but allows you to quickly snug your foot into the straps for more stability and power when needed.

I purchased a new pair for the Azub but struggled with foot numbness. I saw Steve Greenes video on the Power Grips and ordered a pair as a result of his excellent research and experience with them.

  • Power Grips to Catalyst Pedals

  • 3 pairs of Allbirds

Boom Length📏

  • Critical to get right length

  • Boom twist

  • T-Cycle chain tensioner

  • Love computer placement

  • Compact EP8 drive

Torque Assist💪

  • Power curve is amazing

  • Quiet

  • Tunable through app

  • Energy efficient

  • Deep sleep mode


Ride - City🛣️

  • Chose hard suspension option

  • Smooth

  • Bouncy at first

  • Eats potholes for breakfast

  • Ultra light steering

  • Riding with confidence


  • Outstanding and exhilarating

  • Quiet

  • Confident

  • Hard to find and understand its limits

  • Smaller rear wheel is remarkable/stiffer

Final thoughts💭

  • Triking without limits...


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