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About this site

        In its current form this site is a creative outlet to combine my experience and interest as a software developer/product/project manager and my passion for triking.


By trade I am a Project Manager for software delivery. A consultant. I live and ride most of my miles in Portland Oregon. I work from home but commute daily with my wife Elizabeth and love to explore Portland's parks, Greenways and Forest Park As a result I have put over 13K miles on my Catrike Dumont and average 50+ miles a day.

I will be sharing my experiences as I transition to a new AZUB Ti-Fly 20" and overhaul the Dumont. 

I don't engage in social networking but would like to connect with people via this site, STRAVA and Kamoot.

All members will be invited to the following clubs:


Privacy and No Advertising Policy

       This site will be ad-free and flagged not to be indexed by search engine crawlers (Google, Bing, Etc). Not everything needs to be public! It is my hope that this site can serve as a small private space to share our experiences and the joy of triking together.
       That being said, I am very interested in ways to monetize a private member-based site and plan to experiment in the future.  Examples would be affiliate links to gear I use and recommend. 
       Lastly, I would like to reinforce that I would like this to be a refuge away from politics, war, Covid, religion, etc. For this reason, I ask that you be considerate of this when you post and engage others on this site. Thank you for reading this far! I hope to see you online and chat with you soon!

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